Ron Sharpe Joins SABC

I'm very excited to join St. Andrew Bay Center as its Executive Director. What an honor to be part of this wonderful organization that is providing life skills & job training opportunities for over 225 adults with special needs in Bay County, helping them lead more independent and productive lives.

Ron Sharpe

Success Stories

Roswell United Methodist Church!

What an awesome day at St. Andrew Bay Center!! Blessed with an dedicated staff, awesome clients who are learning skills that will help them lead a more productive & independent lifestyle and volunteers that understand what it means to have a servant's heart! [See More]

Bucket Gardens

Adult Day Training Clients just completed a community service project for seniors in need in Bay County.  Seeds were grown in buckets to provide seniors with their own Bucket Gardens.  This project was funded by a grant from The Community Services Foundation.

Summer Youth

A new program sponsored through Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, will allow St. Andrew Bay Cneter to offer a summer youth program beginning 8/1.  This program will give participants the opportunity to learn about working, gain pre--employment skills, and experience different job categories. 

Golf Tournament

The Lynn Haven Rotary Golf Tournament was held in June with all proceeds to benefit St. Andrew Bay Center.  It was a huge success raising over $12,000.